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Price includes picking carding drafting and spinning 2 ply Finished weight Wool $/LB Fine Wool/ Exotic Fiber alpaca/other $/LB Suri $/LB extra 3 ply or more additional $/LB Core spun yarn $/LB new Dryer Balls your fiber $/ball our fiber $/ball no additional charges This is from raw to finished

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5 Alpaca Fleeces to 100% Alpaca Roving Bumps Average wool fleece dirty weight is 6lbs after skirting Clean weight after washing 4lbs Lose during processing 2lbs 6lb x $ washing = $ finished yarn weight x $/lb yarn processing = $ Total Cost = $ tax yielding 15 17 100gram skeins

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A key advantage to co ops and fiber pools for most breeders is the availability of finished goods A pound of fine alpaca fiber can be sold for $48 at $3/oz while yarn made from that pound of fiber can be sold for around $60 and a sweater made from that pound for up to $200 Additional processing adds additional value and marketability

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The mill will do the washing carding spinning and weaving Q What is the anticipated wholesale cost of an alpaca throw produced by this mill A Alpaca throws will be available to those who donate fiber for cost plus 3% We anticipate this to

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Wash/Pick/Card Our wash pick and card price is $13/lb for medium wool breeds and $15/lb for Alpaca Mohair and fine wool breeds The price is assessed on incoming raw weight Higher fees are due to the fact that it typically has more grease requires additional washing and we must card slower so it slows our production down Targhee

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Processing Alpaca Fiber Spinning Alpaca Yarn in Pennsylvania The alpaca fiber is processed the moment it is shorn from the alpaca On shearing day the 3rd Sunday in May the fiber comes off the alpaca in three parts Prime or the softest which is 1st come from the back of the alpaca 2nds from the the neck and rump of the alpaca and thirds

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INCLUDES Tumble scour/wash x 2 pick card pin drafting spin 2 or 3 ply Steamed to set twist and skein winding Call for pricing if more than 3 ply is desired Additional scour/wash for extra greasy wool $3 per pound incoming weight Fiber requirements minimum of 3″ to 11″ Minimum incoming weight 4 pounds 6 pounds for bulky yarns

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Fiber Separating Sheep Alpaca Mohair Angora Llama = $/lb based on finished weight Cashmere Yak Camel Bison = $28/lb based on washed weight Felting $16 per 2ft X 4ft sheet or $21 per 3ft X 4ft sheet in addition to the cost of making the batts Insole Cutting Sheets of felt can be cut into insoles with our insole press From one sheet of felt we can

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Alpaca Mall offers the latest fashion and trends in top quality alpaca clothing and the best decor products for your home and office Our alpaca clothing store specializes in top quality alpaca sweaters and alpaca ponchos as well as alpaca ruanas and alpaca shawls Our garments are perfect for all sorts of events from daily activities to social site offers both Peru

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Mid scale mills The medium sized mills of which there are several in the UK ask for a minimum of 20kg of fibre per batch 25kg is roughly a builder s bag full of fleece These mills are best suited to the larger breeder or processor able to accumulate large quantities of alpaca fibre in one colour and a consisent quality

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Scissortail Yarn and Fiber Mill Norman Ok We process raw animal fleeces into batts roving yarn felt and core spun yarn for our Mill customers As Norman s only local yarn shop we sell yarns made here in the mill as well as yarn from some of your favorite manufacturers including The Alpaca Yarn Company Cascade and West Yorkshire Spinners

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26/09/2022 · A fiber mini mall which is a smaller version of an industrial mill processes a variety of fibers for local or regional farmers looking to convert their fleece into yarn or felt Via a process of washing carding separating drying and spinning mini mills create quality material that can be used to create rugs clothing yarn and blankets

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25/01/2022 · How to Wash Fleece the Henry Clemes Method Washing raw fleece is a straightforward process though many different methods exist This is Henry s wool scouring method that he has refined through years of tinkering with the goal being to consistently produce a clean wool fleece while being as efficient as possible with his time and the amount of soap


During washing we aim to use only biodegradable cleaners which does not harm the fibers and the environment Sometimes we get washed fleeces In this case we reserve the right to see if a necessary cleaning and washing is needed to be carried out again to be suitable for use in the carder The re washing fee we charge to the customer s expense

alpaca mill washing price

Mill Services Roving prices include Washing picking conditioning fiber separating for removal of guard hair/second cuts if necessary and carding Roving can either be made into large sheets for hand felting or wound into spinning bumps Get Price Services ALPACA FIBER MILL During washing we aim to use only biodegradable cleaners which does not harm the fibers and the

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Alpaca fleece contains very little lanolin so doesn t need any harsh chemical scouring agents After washing we lay the fleece out on racks to dry naturally 4 Picking If you ve ever tried washing fleece you ll know that however gentle the process what you

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Alpaca fiber prices are based on incoming weight so please skirt your fiber Wool and mohair are based on WASHED weight Any crunchy fleeces will be charged a skirting fee Please do not send fiber under 3″ for spinning unless making cored rug yarn or any fiber over 7″ long Do not send cria suri unless you are certain it is strong Call for testing instructions Discounts 10%

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21/08/2022 · While overall alpaca costs can range between $250 $50 000 per animal the cost of most alpacas will fall between $3 000 $10 000 per alpaca You will find these costs vary based on age conformation fiber quality lineage facial appearance and personality The higher the quality of all of those elements the higher the demand and the

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16/09/2022 · Soak the garment for 3 to 5 minutes gently squeezing the suds through the garment Avoid twisting wringing scrubbing or otherwise agitating it as this will cause felting Dyed garments will have some chance of bleed but since alpaca fiber takes dyeing better than most other fibers this shouldn t be a problem after the first wash

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Bulky to Sport 2 3 ply $ /lb or Finger to Lace 2 ply $ /lb Cones and skeins no addl cost $4/lb for center pull balls 100% suri/silky/mohair/other exotics add $2/lb Blending $ /lb C M Acres provided fiber at cost per separate sheet

Alpaca Mill Washing Price

Price list ALPACA FIBER MILL The price includes the purifying also VAT not included An example of the calculation 5 kg incoming raw fleece processing for batts cost if it looses kg from weight during the cleaning and washing is as follows kg x 10 3

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If you send us 10 pounds of raw wool you re charged on that amount but after washing there s probably only around 1/2 to 2/3 that weight to pick and card If you send us 10 pounds of washed wool and we have to rewash it the cost and time is the same for washing but now we are picking and carding nearly the whole 10 pounds

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 · We offer expertise in a variety of woolen mill services Prices effective 1/1/2022 Washing Carding Services We can process your raw or pre washed fleeces into roving or batts at the rates listed below Contact us for an estimated time to expect your finished items Wash $/lb Re wash $/lb Fine wash $10

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Mesa Mill Hastings They will process single fleece They wash pick dehair card spin and felt They will process 100% alpaca Produce semi worsted yarn in cones balls or skeins Riverdale Fibre Mill Otorohanga They will process single fleece They wash pick blend de hair card and spin They will process 100% alpaca

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Washing All incoming fiber is washed before we process it Although alpaca fiber does not contain lanolin it is still very dirty with sweat oils from the animal s skin We wash the fiber in very hot water in a special washer as agitation will felt the fiber into an unusable mass