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Two major climatic regions under which the Indian climate is divided are A Climatic regions of temperate or continental India B Climatic Regions of Tropical India Although India has tropical monsoon climate as a whole there are large regional variations in important climatic elements such as rainfall and temperature This is quite natural for a vast country like India having sub

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In north eastern India the climate is not as hot as in the rest of the northern areas analyzed above though it is more humid Here too winter is dry and it is very mild with average temperatures in January slightly below 20 °C 68 °F However the strong increase in temperature from March to May is only relatively felt in the area located west of Bangladesh

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Back to overview India Odisha is one of the warmest region in India with an average daily high temperature of 32 degrees centigrade The climate is very warm with an annual average of 32 degrees but has few truly tropical and sultry months It is yearlong warm or hot Dued to the lesser rain the best time for traveling is from November to May

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 Seasonal Climatic conditions in India Climate in India varies significantly from the permanently snow capped Himalayas in the north to the tropics in the south The country has four seasons December to February is relatively dry and cool March to May is dry and hot from June to September predominating southwest maritime winds bring

Climate of Arid Zone in India

ADVERTISEMENTS After reading this article you will learn about the Climate of Arid Zone in India 1 Climatic Condition of Arid Zone 2 Climatic Elements of Arid Zone 3 Climatic Parameters 4 Eco Climatic Features Climatic Condition of Arid Zone The term Climate has been defined by World Meteorological Or­ganisation 1966 as fluctuating aggregate of

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 · India being a tropical country comprises of versatile climatic zones which are categorized as hot dry warm humid composite temperate/moderate and cold zones Continental climate with extreme summer and winter conditions prevails in the northern part of India but southern and coastal regions of the country experience the warm climate almost

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Its application in design reflects the weather conditions of the location the structure is built in and reduces its dependence on artificial energy India is home to a variety of climatic regions and has its own share of energy efficient and climate responsive designs The climate of India can be segregated into 6 climatic zones Hot and Dry Warm and Humid Moderate Cold and Sunny

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 · Although there is an overall unity in the general climatic patten in India there are some perceptible regional variations in temperature and precipitation conditions These variations are as under Regional variation in temperature conditions i In summer the mercury occasionally touches 50 °C in some parts of Rajasthan desert whereas it may be around 20

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Weather is the temporary state of the atmosphere while climate refers to the average of the weather conditions over a longer period of time Weather changes quickly may be within a day or week but climate changes in imperceptivity and may be noted after 50 100 years or even more The climate of India has distinct regional variations

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Climate Climate of South India is mostly tropical The study of climate is very important from many aspects It is predominantly important for crops tours vegetation etc Henceforth necessary to understand the working and eating habits also In fact the study of climate is correlated to Topography and Temperature of the region

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Following changes can be seen in the climatic conditions of India while going from south to north India has a monsoon type of climate However there is diversity in the climatic conditions of India This is due to the latitudinal location north south extent and altitude of the place As the Tropic of Cancer passes through the middle of India India is considered to be

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With a predominantly sub tropical humid climate India is also expected to witness considerable change in climatic conditions over the next few decades conditional on several other factors as well However the fact that climate change is already underway is heavily debated Whether or not long term climate change has started is a matter of further research and discussion

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 · The Climate in India is affected by following factors Latitude Himalaya Mountains Altitude Distance from the sea Geographical limits like western disturbances conditions in the regions surrounding India Conditions over the ocean Jet Streams The Cold Weather Season During the winter season cool and dry winds blow from direction of North towards South