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These are A Grade Black Tourmaline from Brazil Each piece weighs between 10 to 40 grams and measures between 1/2 inch to 3 type of Tourmaline is denser and harder than Haystack Tourmaline They are less prone to breakage making them ideal for tumbling cabbing jewelry making or other processes that subjec

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90carats Raw Tourmaline Facet Rough Rough Tourmaline Crystals Faceting $ Add To Cart Quick view Availability Out Of Stock 20grams Natural peridots Rough Faceting Facet Grade Rough Peridots for Gem Cutters $ Sold Out Quick view Availability In stock 60grams Rough Apatite Gemstones for Faceting Cabbing $ Add To Cart Quick view

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Raw Black Tourmaline A powerful shamanic stone used for protection and grounding Dispels negativity on all levels and helps to absorb electromagnetic energy Helps one to let go of negativity self doubts or feelings of anxiety Treat yourself to crystal energy Raw stones are rough stones in their natural form Each stone is cut from larger geodes rocks and minerals

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Green tourmaline crystals and stones wholesale rough raw green tourmaline polished green tourmaline green tourmaline tower points wands bulk green tourmaline spheres ball wholesale buy healing crystals wholesale from

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Rough Stones Providing you the best range of pink tourmaline rough raw stone clear quartz rock quartz raw rough stone natural ametrine raw stone rough gemstone natural quartz raw stone clusters natural golden rutilated quartz raw stone rutile and natural aquamarine raw rough stone with effective timely delivery

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Prices for fine tourmaline also exhibit a wide range The rarest and most expensive tourmaline is the paraiba variety a neon like blue or green that is colored by traces of copper It was first discovered in the Brazilian state of Paraiba in 1989 In 2022 some similar material was discovered in Nigeria though the color saturation was not as good as the Brazilian stones Then in 2022 a

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Tourmaline Prices Pricing of Tourmaline is reliant on the color you are buying The most expensive variety of Tourmaline the beautiful rare Paraiba Tourmaline can fetch $10 000 per carat and upwards depending on size and color saturation whilst smaller yellows may only command $50 per carat The spectrum of prices is as wide as the color range in this amazing

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raw black tourmaline price such as gemstones and healing stones are also available in distinct shapes and sizes Browse through the varied raw black tourmaline price at to save money and buy products staying within your budget These products are ISO CE certified and available with customized packaging services OEM orders are available depending on the

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Buy natural black tourmaline stone raw crystals online at wholesale price Large selection of rough natural black tourmaline stone plus FREE shipping at $35 Skip to content FREE SHIPPING $35 within US My account Sign up for Newsletter Signup for our newsletter to get notified about sales and new products Add any text here or remove it [contact form 7 404

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Shop raw tourmaline crystals genuine natural rough tourmaline loose stones for sale About Tourmaline Tourmaline carries the frequency of natural joy and beauty Tourmaline comes in a wide variety of types and colors Watermelon tourmaline combines pink and green tourmaline bringing the energies of both and creating an ideal stone for working with the heart Black

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However Pink Tourmaline resides happily in our emotional space as well as our physical space It assists in attaining peace understanding awareness and trust Sleep with this stone next to your head or even in your pillow case You may also like this magic Quick view Raw Pink Tourmaline from $

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Raw Crystal Necklace Natural Black Tourmaline Necklace Rough Stone Layering Necklace Tourmaline Stone Pendant Anxiety Healing Necklace LayerIt 5 out of 5 stars 6 786 $ Bestseller Add to Favorites Spirit Warrior Raw Tourmaline


Black tourmaline is a hexagonal crystal and part of the aluminum borosilicate family and specifically it includes magnesium iron and other metal elements that determine its color It s found on every continent in the world and the most common color is black Black tourmaline has a Mohs hardness of around 7 making it safe for the

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Raw Black Tourmaline Sale price Price $ Regular price Unit price / per These Raw Black Tourmaline stones are powerful at absorbing negative energy You can depend on this stone to keep your space feeling cleansed and refreshed This stone is also believed to be a lucky stone Chakra Lower Three/Root Due to the nature of the product

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Natural Multi Tourmaline Raw Tourmaline Rough Tourmaline Gemstone Raw Tourmaline Crystal Tourmaline Raw Jewelry ZS 1966Cabochons Cuts Silver Jewelry Gold Jewelry in any shape and size on best unmatched prices Please convo me with your custom or personalized orders You ll get immediate answer to your custom or personalized order query

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Tourmaline View our range of beautifully handcrafted tourmaline gemstone jewellery The name comes from the Sinhalese Sri Lanka word tura mali which translates as the stone of mixed colors Ancient legend says that tourmaline is found in all colors because it travelled along a rainbow and gathered all the the rainbow s colors

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Unit price / per Availability Sold out Black Tourmaline raw pocket pieces Black Tourmaline raw pocket pieces Regular price $ Regular price Sale price $ Sale Unit price / per Availability Sold out Black Tourmaline Quartz tumbles Black Tourmaline Quartz tumbles Regular price $ Regular price Sale price $ Sale Unit price / per Availability Sold