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Concrete Plants Wet mix ECA Self movable mobile plant 30 to 120 m 3 /h EBA Mobile plant for medium productions 30 to 70m 3 /h EMA Compact plant perfect for prefabricated From 30 to 100 m 3 /h MODULMIX Plant for large productions and special concretes 80 to 150 m 3 /h FASTMIX Mini to 19 m 3 /h Dry mix MODULDRY Plant for large productions From

Test Platens and Spacers

back to top 6 152 mm Cube Test Set Used for testing 6 152 mm concrete cubes and cylinders in compression The platens bearing block is 152 mm square through hardened to HRC 55 or greater plane to 0005 012 mm in any 6 152 mm area has concentric circles for easier centering of cylinders and is hard nickel plated for wear and corrosion resistance

What is a Concrete Vibrator and Why do You Need One

 · A concrete vibrator is a machine used for construction based purposes These machines can come in several different shapes and sizes Some are small and run strictly on battery power while others are much larger with a primary power source stemming from electric power cords Choosing the right concrete vibrator can help settle your concrete for long term

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Concrete Carbonation Test for Structure Analysis

Concrete chemistry is obviously tough to understand for a small house owner Spending some amount towards concrete carbonation test is an excellent idea to know the effect of the atmospheric CO 2 on the RCC structure The concrete carbonation test for in situ concrete is associated with the corrosion of reinforcement steel

Repairing drain pipes under a concrete slab Nuflow

Nuflow an Australian relining company that operates throughout New Zealand Australia and Asia has been helping home owners repair broken drain pipes under concrete slabs for nearly 20 years With their own team of scientists and engineers they ve developed liners and composite resins for sewer stormwater drinking water chemical and industrial use pipes and even have

Repairing a drain under the swimming pool without digging

 · Repairing a broken drain under a swimming pool or any other major structure in your garden is now fairly straightforward and thankfully doesn t involve digging up huge areas of the yard An experienced drain repair team will first inspect the drain with a drain camera to find the exact location of the issue and to get a clear picture of the damage and repair requirements

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broken concrete disposal The tower type dry mortar production line in accordance with the procedure from top to bottom arranged to produce low energy consumption small footprint batching process almost no cross mixing base load module development is finished the bulk of mortar bag or ton bag and other forms applicable to ordinary mortar production line and large

Reasons for broken blocks by a concrete brick machine

It s really scratching to have broken blocks when you use a concrete brick making machine Yet it occurs a lot The bricks might break or come apart right after being demoulded Some might hold together temporarily but get broken once being touched In some cases the bricks are sent back into the concrete mixer Except for the machine problems inappropriate operation of a

How To Break Up and Remove Concrete This Old House

Using a digging bar to break up concrete A digging bar may also work if you find concrete also soft stone impossibly dense clay roots in the ground as you install a fence or mailbox It s basically a human powered jackhammer It can create a fault line in concrete blow by blow and be a key player in your concrete removal toolbox

The Best Tool for Removing Tiles [March Toolshed Stuff

 · This tile removal machine is perfect for large scale floor tile removal or for if you just prefer to be standing up while you work Eddy is capable of removing stubborn floor tiles with ease If you have a large floor tiling project and need to remove a lot of tiles fast then this is the floor tile remover to go for Check Price This is the best tool for removing tiles if you have a

Ways to Recycle and Reuse Concrete The Balance Small

 · After the concrete is broken up it is usually run through a secondary impactor and is then screened to remove dirt and particles and to separate the large and small aggregate Additional processes and equipment such as water flotation separators and magnets may also be used to remove specific elements from the crushed concrete An alternative method is to

How to Remove Old Fence Posts Set in Concrete

 · If you do choose to rent your own machinery to do the job make sure you pull the posts gently Concrete is very strong when compressed but when it is pulled it is actually relatively fragile Tugging it out of the ground with too much force could lead to broken or fractured post footings These in turn will be a big obstacle when it comes to


The compression testing machine should be calibrated on an annual basis It should also be noted that calibration of these machines is limited to 100 000 lb of compressive force due to the size of the compressive machine and the size of the calibration load cells available at FSEL Prepare concrete samples for compression testing

How to Break up Concrete by Hand

 · The size of the chunks you remove is limited by your ability to lift and dispose of the concrete If you cannot lift heavy loads break the concrete up into small pieces of rubble You can use a grinder and masonry wheel to score concrete about 1/4 inch deep where you d like it to break to guide your work

How to Remove a 4x4 Fence Post that is Snapped Off at

We encountered the same challenges and thought there had to be an easier inexpensive way to remove fence posts and concrete footings from the ground even if the post is broken off We developed a method that makes it easy for two people to remove the posts by virtually eliminating the friction force between the post and the ground It is just like lifting the weight of the post

Free Broken Link Checker Online Dead Link Checking Tool

Free Broken Link Checker finds dead links on any website in minutes This is an online tool with no sign up or downloads Advanced services are available Online Broken Link Checker Follow us on Contact us Summary of the features Checks your websites and blogs for dead links Can scan an unlimited number of web pages Tests both internal and external / outbound URLs

Fracture Mechanics Fundamentals Engineering Library

LEFM gives excellent results for brittle elastic materials like high strength steel glass ice concrete and so on However for ductile materials like low carbon steel stainless steel certain aluminium alloys and polymers plasticity will always precede fracture Nonetheless when the load is low enough linear fracture mechanics continues to provide a good approximation to

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With more than 15 000 new classified ads for machines onlined every day you can easily find the equipment you need construction/public works equipment handling / lifting equipment vehicles lorries forestry equipment or green area maintenance equipment Ads for auction sales and equipment rental are also available on Machineryzone In addition thanks to our presence in

Hydraulic Hoses Be proactive not Plant Services

 · When a hydraulic hose assembly fails hydraulic fluid leaks onto the floor the ground pavement or concrete resulting in costs not only to replace the hydraulic fluid but also for oil clean up Figure 1 Replacing hose assemblies proactively allows you to use drip pans or trays to collect any fluid that might leak during hose assembly replacement and reclaim the lost