Environmental problems of coal gangue paving

Environmental friendly coal gangue biochar composites

To solve the problem of limited adsorption efficiency of pristine biochar for phosphate a novel biochar composite was prepared from different feedstocks and coal gangue by one facile step pyrolysis method The effects of pyrolysis temperature adsorbent dosage pH of the solution and coexisting ioEnvironmental friendly coal gangue biochar composites reclaiming

Surrounding Rock Deformation Mechanism and Control

 · 3 The technology utilizes the gangues piling on the ground to backfill the gob thus resolving the safety problem due to gangue piling on the ground and avoiding the destruction of the underground water system due to coal mining to realize environmental protection and recovery 4 One roadway can be utilized twice thus reducing the roadway driveage ratio and

Insight into the Enhanced Removal of Water from Coal Slime

However coal slime is mainly composed of coal coal gangue clay and water and has many features such as highThis method adds value to low rank coal slime from the tailings of coal washeries and reduces environmental pollution caused by its disposal The chem and phys properties of coal slime powder were characterized after its modification by carbonization ball

COAL REFUSE Environmental Resources Committee

health and safety problem in the proximity of the coal refuse fires Coal refuse disposal piles have been burning and causing air pollution since coal mining first started Victor H Sussman John J Mulhern 1964 Air Pollution from Coal Refuse Disposal Areas Journal of the Air Pollution Control Association 14 7 279 284 DOI / The

Environmental problems caused by coal industry Current

This article discusses environmental problems resulting from the production of coal including the mining processing storage transportation and conversion of coal With the development of coal processing and the building of pit head hydroelectric power stations coking gasification and chemical enterprises based on coal the pollution problems of coal have become

Environmental problems of coal gangue paving

Environmental problems of coal gangue paving Comprehensive utilization and environmental risks of The accumulated coal gangue without appropriate utilization has resulted in a squander of resources waste disposal and environmental pollution issues Over the past few decades there has been wide attention in developing strategies for the utilization

Study on Preparation of Coal Gangue Based Geopolymer

 · Alkaline dry powder activator coal gangue fly ash and other raw materials are utilized to prepare coal gangue based geopolymer concrete The procedures of making the coal gangue based geopolymer concrete are illustrated firstly Also basic mechanical properties such as compressive strength and flexural strength of the geopolymer concrete are studied through

Thermogravimetric analysis of the co combustion of coal

 · Coal gangue has the shortcomings of low calorific value and refractory burnout while polyvinyl chloride has the advantages of a long combustion process and high calorific value In order to make up for these shortcomings of coal gangue the possibility of a treatment method based on co combustion of coal gangue with polyvinyl chloride which can be centrally

environmental problems with coal mining

 · environmental problems with coal mining 12 Environmental Effects of Coal Mining Environment 911 One of the most obvious albeit perhaps least harmful environmental effects of coal mining is noise pollution Coal mining is a loud day and night long process that disrupts the lives of those in the surrounding communities reduces the quality of life and can

Research and Application on Coal Gangue Separation Technology

Abstract To solve the problem of environmental pollution of coal gangue heap to produce in Datong hill mine coal gangue as the research object on the basis of the characteristics of the analysis and research from the coal gangue in sorting out the included the feasibility of the technology The research results show that the moving sieve jigging separation process to

Extraction of alumina from alumina rich coal gangue by a

economic and environmental problems in China For high added value utilization of alumina rich coal gangue ARCG a mild hydro chemical process was investigated to extract alumina The influences of NaOH concentration mass ratio of alkali to gangue reaction temperature and reaction time were systematically studied An alumina extraction rate of % was achieved

ENVIS Centre on Environmental Problems of Mining

The prepared coal gangue based blended cement containing 52% of activated coal gangue C by CMHTA technology has a better mechanical property than activated coal gangue T by TMTA technology and raw coal gangue The results show that both of the TMTA and CMHTA technologies can improve the cementitious activity of raw gangue greatly Moreover

Introduction to Inorganic Waste

A combusted coal gangue is an inorganic waste utilized for removal of heavy metal from aqueous mixtures however the individual adsorption capacity of this adsorbent is not high individually Fabrication of the alginate combusted coal gangue composite for simultaneous and effective adsorption of Zn II and Mn II Full Text More Inorganic Waste sentence examples


EXPLOITATION PROBLEMS OF COAL PULVERIZERS Wojciech Pospolita 4 5 6 Krzysztof Jesionek 1 2 3 5 6 Professor 1 DSc 2 PhD 3 PhD student 4 MSc 5 Eng 6 Wrocław University of Technology Poland SUMMARY The article presents an overview of the literature concerning issues of exploitation of coal pilverizers Coal mills are the basic sets which

NHESS Potential ecological risk assessment and

The aim of the present study is to evaluate the potential ecological risk and trend of soil heavy metal pollution around a coal gangue dump in Jilin Province Northeast China The concentrations of Cd Pb Cu Cr and Zn were monitored by inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry ICP MS The potential ecological risk index method developed by Hakanson

Study on Environmental Protection Technology of Gangue

Coal Engineering ›› 2022 Vol 53 ›› Issue 5 13 16 doi /ce202105003 Previous Articles Next Articles Study on Environmental Protection Technology of Gangue Treatment and Reuse in Shendong Mining Area Received 2022 06 16 Revised 2022 09 02 Online 2022 05 20 Published 2022 05 17 PDF Mobile 45 Abstract Abstract In the process of coal mining it is

Effect of Gangue Acidity Release on Environment

The gangue potential acidity release was the main way causing harmful elements dissolve out In recent years the environment pollution especially water environment pollution problems were critical increasingly These problems surrounding on the acidity water release and discharge harmful elements migration transformation and pollution mechanization were sdudied The

How to effectively use coal gangue Quora

 · Answer Coal gangue is a solid waste discharged during coal mining and coal washing It is a dark gray rock with lower carbon content and harder than coal that is associated with coal seams during coal formation Including the excavation gangue in the process of roadway excavation the gangue ext

Paving Our Own Future Problems in Human Development

Paving Our Own Future Problems in Human Development by Marcus Tolson English 1102 he human life can be divided into three stages childhood adolescence and adulthood According to psychologists each stage is responsible for different aspects of cognitive development with childhood being the stage where most of the development occurs Burke It is assumed that

4 Coal Mining and Processing Coal Research and

The environmental problems associated with active and abandoned mines and their abatement particularly land reclamation and water quality maintenance and the proper handling and disposal of the spoils and wastes from mining operations mountain top coal mining coal combustion residues also receive regulatory attention from the Environmental Protection Agency

Image Recognition of Coal and Coal Gangue Using a MDPI

 · Recognizing and distinguishing coal and gangue are essential in engineering such as in coal fired power plants This paper employed a convolutional neural network CNN to recognize coal and gangue images and help segregate coal and gangue A typical workflow for CNN image recognition is presented as well as a strategy for updating the model parameters

Coal industry problems and prospects

Coal industry problems and prospects Coal is the first fossil fuel that humans began to use Currently oil and gas are mainly used as energy carriers However despite this the coal industry continues to play a crucial role in the economy of any country including Russia Statistical data In the 50s of the last century the share of coal in the fuel and energy balance of Russia was

Power Generation from Coal Gangue in

This paper provides an overview on the current status of power generation in China using coal gangue The government regulation towards the use of coal gangue for power generation is introduced Emission of pollutants and low thermal power plant efficiency are the two major problems for the power industry firing coal gangue Particulate matter emission control is a

Study on the environmental effects of heavy metals in coal

Abstract During coal and coal gangue combustion many heavy metal pollutants are emitted and cause serious environmental problems In this paper the environmental effect values of As and Pb emission during coal gangue and coal combustion in the 330 MW pulverized coal boiler 50 kW circulated fluidized bed boiler and laboratory were calculated by ReCiPe2016

Environmental effects of coal gangue and its utilization

ABSTRACT Coal gangue has accumulated huge coal gangue piles occupying lots of land as well as having striking influence on the neighboring environmental effects This paper seeks a new way of coal gangue treatment in which the coal gangue blended with shale and sludge was sintered in rotary kiln to form lightweight aggregates The results show that the optimum